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The contributions of Jeffrey T. Clark to Sāmoan archaeology

Seth Quintus, David J. Herdrich

JPS, Vol 127, No 1 pg (9-14)


The archaeology of Sāmoa, especially American Samoa, has seen significant gains in the past two decades. The foundation for these were laid by a number of individuals, but the contributions of Jeffrey Clark are of particular importance given his long-term focus on the region. He has conducted research on every island of American Samoa, one of few individuals to have done so. He also has been instrumental in maintaining a focus on settlement systems, based on the pioneering work of Roger Green and Janet Davidson on ‘Upolu and Savai‘i, fundamentally shaping the practice of archaeology in the archipelago. Through this research, he has provided the baseline for the cultural sequence of American Samoa and highlighted the importance of landscape evolution to understanding human settlement patterns.


Sāmoa, settlement pattern archaeology, Polynesian archaeology, geodatabase, landscape archaeology

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