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‘Aimata, Queen Pomare IV: Thwarting Adversity in 19th Century Tahiti

Karen Stevenson

JPS, Vol 123, No 2 pg (129-144)


Queen ‘Aimata Pomare IV was monarch of Tahiti for 50 years (1827-77). Her reign was a time of monumental change in Tahiti. During this time Christianity became commonplace, ari‘i ‘chiefs’ in the traditional political system became legislators in a European political system and Tahiti became French. Pomare IV worked through these changes, evolving from a non-Christian youth to a very politically shrewd stateswoman. This essay examines her life and her reign which was was mired in political conflict, opposition, intrigue and foreign intervention.


Tahiti, Queen Pomare/Pomare IV, British missionisation, French colonialism, To‘ohitu

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